CPU 314, Slave 300 314-1SL01
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CPU 314, Slave 300 314-1SL01

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CPU 314, with profibus slave interface

Program with STEP 7 from Siemens; Integrated work memory operation without additional memory card; Flexible extension of memory, using a Memory Configuration Card up to 64Mb; Supporting standard MMC cards for saving of program and data; Profibus-DP and MPI-Interface on board; Designed compatibility to the S7-300® from Siemens; Real-time clock; Mixed operation of SOFTLINK and Siemens modules in the same rack is supported; Modular design for easy expansion; Centralized applications with up to 32 modules in one CPU rack; 24 months warranty.

Part Number 300 314-1SL01
Input Voltage DC 24V
Current Consumption 1.2 A
Current Supply 3.5 A
Work Memory 94 KB
Load Memory 144 KB
Bit Memory 8192
Total Address Space I/O 1024 bytes
Timer/Counter 256
Blocks OB 1/10/20/35/40/80/82/85/86/100/121/122 FB:1024 FC:1024 DB:2047
Processing Time of bit/word 0.18/0.78us
Interface MPI & Profibus DP slave
Module per Rack 32
Total Address Space I/O 64 bytes
Transmission Rate 9.6K to 12MB baud