SM321, Digital Input Module, DC 300 321-1BH50
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SM321, Digital Input Module, DC 300 321-1BH50

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The Siemens 6ES7 321-1BH50-0AA0 can be replaced by this item.
SM321 with DI 16* 24V DC

All our Softlink 300 series digital input modules convert external power-level signals from processes into internal signals for programmable logic controllers. All the modules are compatible with Siemens S7-300 and VIPA 300V series, suitable for inputs from switches etc. The input modules provide galvanic isolation from CPU (of S7-300 or VIPA300V), and have LED indicators for every input channel.

Part Number 300 321-1BH50
Number of Inputs 16 source
Input Voltage 24V DC
For "0" Signal 15~30V
For "1" Signal 0~5V
Delay Time About 3ms
Input Current for "1" Signal About 7mA
Connection of 2-wire Initiator Max 1.5mA
Cable Length 600m
Unshielded 1000m
Current Consumption (backplane bus) 10mA
Power Loss (Rated Operation) 3.5W
Isolation Optical isolation, 8
Dimension (W/D/H, mm) 40x125x120
Weight About 220g
Front Connector 20-way