SM322, Digital Output Module 300 322-1BH02
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SM322, Digital Output Module 300 322-1BH02

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The Siemens 6ES7 322-1BH01-0AA0 can be replaced by this item.
SM322 with DO 16* 24V DC, 1A

All our SOFTLINK 300 digital outputs convert the internal signal level to the external power level for process control etc. All modules are compatible with Siemens S7-300 and VIPA 300V series, suitable for controlling solenoid valves, contactors, and small-power devices within their permissible level. The output module provides galvanic isolation from the process level, and has LED indicators for supply voltage, error indication, status indication for each channel.

Part Number 300 322-1BH02
Number of Outputs 16
Supply voltage 24V DC
Output voltage L+ -0.8V
Max output current 1A
Mini output current 5mA
Current consumption of each group 10A
Lightload 5W
Outputswitch frequency Resistive, 100Hz
Inductive, 0.5Hz
Cable length unshielded 600m
Cable length shielded 1000m
Output current nom. value 30mA
Current Consumption (backplane bus) 80mA
Power Loss (Rated Operation) 4W
Isolation, In group of Optical isolation, 8
Dimension (W/D/H, mm) 40x125x120
Weight About 200g
Front Connector 20-way
Short-circuit protection Electronic