SM332, Analog Output Module 300 332-5HD01 
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SM332, Analog Output Module 300 332-5HD01 

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The Siemens S7-300 6ES7 332-5HD01-0AB0 can be replaced by this item.
SM332 with AO 4*

SOFTLINK 300 analog outputs convert digital signals from the PLC into analog signals for the process. It is compatible with S7-300 and VIPA 300V system, suitable for connection of analog actuator and LED indicators for every channel.

Part Number 300 332-5HD01
Number of Output 4
Input Voltage L+ 24V DC
Input Range Voltage ±10V; 1~5V; 0~10V
Input Range Current 0~20mA; 4~20mA; ±20mA
Resolution 11+sign bit (±10V,±20mA) 12 bit (1~5V,0~10V,0~20mA,4~20mA)
Basic Error Limit Operation at 25° 0.5%
Diagnostic Alarm parameterizable
Cable Length 80m
Current Consumption (backplane bus) 120mA
Power Loss 3W
Isolation Optical isolation
Polarity Reverser Protect Yes
Dimension (W/H/D,mm) 40x125x120
Weight About 250g
Front Connector 20-way