Current Isolated Module 300 ISO-4C 4DI/4DO
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Current Isolated Module 300 ISO-4C 4DI/4DO

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Isolated modules, DI*4/DO*4, current

ISO series signal isolation modules are widely used in measuring instruments, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, process control of the power system. This series meet the needs of standard analog DC voltage, D current signal isolation and conversion. Products are electromagnetic isolation technology, with good temperature drift characteristics and linearity, accuracy class 0.1%F.S., can withstand 2500VDC isolation voltage, direct installation in the standard 300 series rail. Product has 4 isolated channels, each channel independently isolated. Corresponding port has a channel status indicator, convenient for the customers to debug, use and on-site maintenance. Modular design is for easy wiring, easy to install.

Part Number 300 ISO-4C
Accuracy Class 0.1%F.S.
Linearity Level 0.1%F.S.
Temperature Drift 0.0035%F.S./°C
Dielectric Strength 2.5VDC (1minute,leakage current
less than 1mA,humidity < 70%)
Frequency Response 15KHZ
Insulation Resistance 100M 500VDC
Auxiliary Power 24V
Temperature -25 ~ 71°C
Umbient Temperature 10 ~90% (No Condensation)
Dimension LxWxH mm 40x125x20
Product Reliability MTBF>500,000 Hours
Environment No use in the dust, strong vibration and strong corrosion