Voltage Isolated Module 300 ISO-4V
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Voltage Isolated Module 300 ISO-4V

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Voltage Isolated modules, DI*4/DO*4

ISO series signal isolation modules are widely used in measuring instruments, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, process control of the power system. This series meet the needs of standard analog DC voltage, D current signal isolation and conversion. Products are electromagnetic isolation technology, with good temperature drift characteristics and linearity, accuracy class 0.1%F.S., can withstand 2500VDC isolation voltage, direct installation in the standard 300 series rail. Product has 4 isolated channels, each channel independently isolated. Corresponding port has a channel status indicator, convenient for the customers to debug, use and on-site maintenance. Modular design is for easy wiring, easy to install.

Part Number 300 ISO-4V
Accuracy Class 0.1%F.S.
Linearity Level 0.1%F.S.
Temperature Drift 0.0035%F.S./°C
Dielectric Strength 2.5VDC (1minute,leakage current
less than 1mA,humidity < 70%)
Frequency Response 15KHZ
Insulation Resistance 100M 500VDC
Auxiliary Power 24V
Temperature -25 ~ 71 °C
Umbient Temperature 10 ~90% (No Condensation)
Dimension LxWxH mm 40x125x20
Product Reliability MTBF>500,000 Hours
Environment No use in the dust, strong vibration and strong corrosion