AC Servo Motor AM2G-130D-E050-DV
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AC Servo Motor AM2G-130D-E050-DV

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Motor: Rated 5Nm (44.25 In-lbs) 2500 RPM
Drive: Rated current up to 6 Amp, 3 phase 220V ±10%

This combination of motors and drives with cables has been installed on thousands CNC machines. It is one of the most reliable combination of motors and drives suitable for your machine tools or any of your factory automation equipment. The servo drive accepts +/-10V analog command, or digital command (contact us for more info). All our motors and drives come with one-year limited warranty, and additional warranty up to five years is optional.

The package includes:

  1. AM2G-130D-E050 servo motor
  2. AD2G-0060-8300 servo drive
  3. Motor power cable
  4. Encoder feedback cable
Part Number AM2G-130D-E050-DV
Rated Power [KW] (HP) 1.3 (1.74)
Pole Pairs 4
Drive unit input voltage [V] 3-phase AC 220
Rated current [A] 5
Zero torque [Nm] (in lbs) 5 (44.25)
Rated torque [Nm] (in-lbs) 5 (44.25)
Max. torque [Nm) (in-lbs) 12.5 (110.6)
Rated RPM 2500
Max. RPM 3000
Moment inertia [kg*m2] 0.0011
Weight [kg] (lbs) 6.5 (14.3)
Insulation degree F (IEC 60034-1:2004)
Vibration degree A ( IEC 60034-14:2007)
Protection degree IP65 ( IEC 60529:2001)
Insulation type IMB5 ( IEC 60034 – 7:2001)
Working mode Continuous
Encoder Incremental 5000 (standard configuration)
Brake (Optional) DC24V, 12Nm, 28W
Motor installation Dimension [mm]:

Part Number D [mm] N [mm] LB [mm] L [mm]
AM2G-130D-E050 ɸ22 °₋₀ι₀₁₃ ɸ110 °₋₀ι₀₃₅ 176 233
(with Brake)
ɸ22 °₋₀ι₀₁₃ ɸ110 °₋₀ι₀₃₅ 235 292

Drive installation Dimension [mm]: