Motion Control Package ACC1-MCU4
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Motion Control Package ACC1-MCU4

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Motion control package-4 servo axes

Our motion controller is designed and developed for a variety of applications, such as packaging machine, meter and mixer, injection machine, testing equipment, PCB drilling machine, process automation, lab automation, as well as CNC machining or turning centers. This ACC0-MCU4 package comes with the following outstanding features:

  • A compact industrial-grade computer with built-in PLC and 4 motion control channels
  • Built-in Ethernet, RS-232C, Keyboard & mouse, eHMI interface
  • High reliability; the computer has no any moving part inside; it is self-cooling and equipped with electronic hard drive
  • Supplied with a signal connection unit that has 16 inputs, 16 outputs, ability to expand 72 I/Os easily
  • Supplied with API software and programming manual
  • Supplied with PID tuning utility software
  • Supplied with PLC ladder programming utility software
  • Acc Motion Solutions Inc can be contracted to develop a control system to your specific need

Our motion controllers have been used in many different application areas and been installed on many CNC machines in the United States of America.

Part Number Quantity (Piece or set)
MCU - Motion Control Unit - 4 axes 1
PSU - Power Supply Unit 1
SCU - Signal Connection Unit 1
Cable between MCU and SCU 1
Keyboard and mouse adapter 1
Manuals and API programs in a CD disk 1