Profibus Remote IO RT131-1BL02-DP
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Profibus Remote IO RT131-1BL02-DP

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Profibus remote IO 32DI

SOFTLINK remote I/O is suitable for linking to a modular system. The RT133 module is able to bring the digital input signals from the field into the Profibus control system via DP net in a long distance. It is dual function of module and slave, maximum flexibility with small size and cost efficiency.

In order to meet the needs of machine manufacturers and users, distributed automation architecture is used more and more in a variety of occasions, and implementation and functionality comparable to a centralized system. RT13X series IO is a completely new modular input and output device sit made possible through the bus utilization master to manage the design of automation equipment for distribution in the scene of the switch input and output signals and analog input and output signals, connected to the control system through the rich industrial fieldbus the use of IO communication network IO distribution to multiple locations away from the processor, try closer to the sensors and actuators used in distributed control systems flexible and plays a prominent role .

In the design of modern automation system, the application of industrial fieldbus impact automation. Why is traditional centralized control structure gradually replaced by distributed intelligent devices? Because it is cost-saving and system –optimizing.

Remote I/O: Design of 2 layers of terminal makes it easier to connect Optimized wiring design in the module makes cabling easier In automation equipment away from the master controller, long distance cable can result in the attenuation and interference of control signal. Such problem can be avoided in the distributed I/O system. System processor located in master control room I/Os distributed in each control position RT13x series I/O exchange data with master controller via industrial field bus.

Part Number 131-1BL02-DP
Type Digital input module
Number of Input 32
Output Type Mosfet
Nominal Output Voltage 24VDC (-15%/+20%)
"1" Signal Voltage 15~30VDC, 7mA
"0" Signal Voltage 0~5VDC
Port Protect Impact over voltage protection
Supply Voltage 24VDC (-15%/+20%)
Electrical Isolation (Bus/Field protential) AC 500V
Protocol Profibus DP V0
Bus Connector D-Sub9 Female
Communication Rate 9.6kbps~12Mbps, adaptive
Address Config 00 ~ 99 (Config by 2-bit dial switch)
Fixed Method DIN rail (TS35)
LED Indicate PWR:Green;ERR:Red;DE,Data exchange:Orange;Digital I/O:Green
Operating Temperature 0~+55°C
Storage Temperature -25~+85°C
Humidity ≤85%RH
Approvals CE
Size (W/H/D,mm) 155x105x55
Protect. class IP20
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