CANopen Remote IO RT132-1BL00-CAN
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CANopen Remote IO RT132-1BL00-CAN

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CANopen Digital 32 Inputs

CANopen is an upper-layer communication protocol based on Controller Area Network, being one of the popular modern industry Fieldbus, drafted and developed by non-profit organization CiA (CAN in Automaion). The CiA drafts standard 301 definition basic CANopen equipment and sub-agreement. The sub-agreements of individual devices are further expansion based on CiA 301, such as CiA401 for I / O modules and CiA402 for motion control. CANopen adopts two-wire serial communication, and allows up to 127 devices in a CANopen network. The maximum transfer rate is 1Mbps / 40 meters, and the maximum transmission distance is 10,000 m / 5kbps. iModule series CANopen remote I/O is, via acquiring signals and communicating with the master station, to complete a reliable control of fieldbus devices.

Part Number 132-1BL00-CAN
Type Digital output module
Degital Output Number of Input 32
Output Type Mosfet
Nominal Output Voltage 24 VDC(-15%/+20%)
"1" Signal Voltage Open drain output
"0" Signal Voltage Max:1.5VDC,10kΩ Load
Max. output current(per Ch.) 0.5A
Short circuit current(per Ch.) 1A
Max. output current(Total.) 8A*2
On-Resistance 0.3Ω(Type)/0.6Ω(Max.)
Port protect overvoltage & overcurrent protection
Voltage supply 24 V DC(-15%/+20%)
Electrical isolation (Bus/Field potential) AC 500V
Protocol CANopen
Connector D-Sub9
Transmission rate 10k~1Mbps((config by 3-bit dial switch)
Address config 00~99(config by 2-bit dial switch)
Communication Profile CiA DS-301
Device Profile CiA DS-401
Device monitor Heartbeat, Node Guarding
Installation DIN Rail(TS35)
LED Indicate PWR Green