GBB2004 Ball & Beam system
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GBB2004 Ball & Beam system

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Ball & Beam system

The ball & beam control system is education and experiment equipment specially designed for courses in automatic control principles, modern control engineering and electrical motor control. The control system designed with this experiment equipment is able to control the position of a stainless steel ball on the track by adjusting the rotating angle of a beam. The ball & beam control system consists of two parts, namely the ball & beam body and the control system. The ball & beam body consists of a v-grooved steel bar and a free rolling ball. The linear sensor measures the position of the ball on the track by measuring the output voltage from the stainless steel bar. A DC motor connects to a gear reducer which controls the angle of beam which adjusts the position control of the ball. The digital control system consists of an intelligent control module, which is a high precision, fully digital servo drive, with embedded intelligence, and a built-in 100W power amplifier. The drive is used with brushless motors with sinusoidal or trapezoidal commutation, or DC brush motors. Programmable with a high-level motion language, the intelligent control module embeds advanced motion control and PLC-specific functionality on one board. Combined with a high-level motion language, a graphical platform for quick configuration, tuning and motion programming, the intelligent control module represents a flexible and easy way to implement solutions for a wide range of applications. A user-friendly graphical control interface can visually show the results of the controller and all of the operating data. Real-time control interfaces are provided in MATLAB Simulink and LabVIEW, making it convenient to implement basic experiments and arithmetic studies.

Order Includes:

  • Ball &Beam system main body (ABB-MB-1004)
  • Electric control module (ABB-EB-1004)
  • GTS-400-PV motion controller (GT-400-SV-PCI-EDU)
  • IPM Motion Studio software development platform (S-UP-IPM)
  • Googol Simulink software experiment platform (S-UP-MAT)
Part Number GBB2004
Moving range 400mm
Ball diameter 30mm
Control precision < 5mm
Motor DC servo 70W
Synchronous belt reduction ratio 4
Power supply AC220V 50HZ 1A (AC110V optional)
Weight < 10Kg
Dimension 530 x 200 x 332 mm