GML2001A New Magnetic Levitation System Body
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GML2001A New Magnetic Levitation System Body

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New Magnetic Levitation System (Body Only)

Magnetic levitation is a classical technology in mechatronics. It combines electromagnetism and electronics technology, control technology, signal processing, mechanics, and dynamics. The technology is widely used in many industry fields such as magnetic levitation train, magnetic suspension nearing, miniature transmission equipment, measuring instrument, robotic wrist, magnetic levitation educational system, etc. The Magnetic Levitation System (Model: GML2001) from Googoltech provides an ideal experiment platform for research and tutorial for undergraduate and graduate students studying classical control theory and modern control theory. Apart from its modern designed appearance, laser sensor is also applied as feedback signal to measure moving distance of the floating ball accurately. In addition, the Magnetic Levitation body (Model: GML2001A) can be provided as a standalone experimental device for any third party or self-designed controller.

Order Includes:

  • Magnetic levitation system main body (AML-MB-2001)
  • Connecting Cable (loose end) (AML-MB-2001B)
  • *Optional Analog Control Module or Self Developed Controller (GAES1001)
Part Number GML2001A
Body Dimensions: 210 x 150 x 280 mm (L x W x H)
Control Box: 220 x 200 x 75 mm (L x W xH)
Coil Resistance: 13.8
Turns: 2450
Coil Inductance: 135 mH
Core Size: Diameter=20 mm, H=94mm
Control Distance: 1-30mm (steel ball = 94g , Diameter= 45mm)
Laser Sensor: Class 2 Red Semiconductor Laser, 655nm, 1mW max
Power Supply: 220 VAC
System Weight < 8 Kg