GRIP2001 Circular 1-stage inverted pendulum
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GRIP2001 Circular 1-stage inverted pendulum

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Circular 1-stage inverted pendulum

The circular inverted pendulum series of products adopts an open architecture control solution and a modularized experiment platform. With the circular motion module as the base platform, it is easy to build circular one-stage inverted pendulum, circular two-stage serial inverted pendulum, circular two-stage parallel inverted pendulum, and even the combined serial-parallel inverted pendulums of three- and four-stages, satisfying the various needs for control teaching and research.Googol’s PC plug-in motion controller is used as control module, MATLAB or C Language can be used and thus facilitate users to carry out experiments and research works.

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  • Circular pendulum main body (ARIP-BS-2000)
  • Circular 1-stage pendulum module (ARIP-R-2001)
  • GT-400-SV motion controller (GT-400-SV-PCI-EDU)
Part Number GRIP2001
AC servo motor power 200W
Motor encoder 2500P/R
Pendulum rod encoder 600P/R
Deceleration ratio 15:1
Rotation Radius (mm) 270 ~ 450
Rotation Angle 360
Power supplier AC220V; 3A
Weight (kg) 46
Dimension (L x W x H) (mm) 700x700x1425
Rod Length (mm) 500
Rod weight (kg) 0.13