GTN 6 Axis-PV Motion Controller Package
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GTN 6 Axis-PV Motion Controller Package

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GTN series 6 Axis-PV motion controller package

GTN series multi-axis motion controller is a network type, modular motion controller. The control card can implement motion planning, including pulse calculation and IOs control.

Through the new revolution of protocol gLink-II, user can control up to 28 axes through the modules linked by gLink-II.

The motion card can do advanced motion planning such as PVT planning and interpolation motion, in which the card can meet most the high demand applications.

Since the motion control card is composed of FPGA and DSP, the computing speed is fast that it can help to achieve a smooth motion curve and can fully utilized the capability of servo drive and motor sets.

Order Includes:

  • Motion control card (GTN-MASTER) x1
  • Axis control module (GTN-SLAVE-600-A) x1
  • Cable (GTN-DB9-1M5) x1
  • CD x1
Features Description
Motion Control
No. of control axes 6
Control cycle 250us
Basic motion function T-curve, Jog motion, electronic gear mode, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, auto-homing, position comparison output
Optional function PT/PVT motion, S-curve motion, electronic cam, continuous path pre-processing and feed-forward, galvanometric control
Encoder Incremental/absolute encoder
Supported development environment C, C++, C#, VB.NET, VB, Delphi, LabVIEW, OtoStudio V3.5
No. of IO support 1024DI/DO, 64AI/AO
Digital IO 10-14 channels, 24V
Analog IO 8 channels input, 12 bit accuracy, ±10V
Dimension 121X181 (mm)
OS Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows XP, Linux
Voltage Control card on PCIe: DC 24V ±10% Control card standalone: DC 12V ±10% Axis control module: DC 24V ±10%
Current Axis control module: 2A
Operating Temperature 0~55°C
Working Humidity 0%~90%, Non-condensing