GTS-800-PG-VB-PCI motion controller
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GTS-800-PG-VB-PCI motion controller

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GTS-VB series 8 axes general-purpose motion controller.
Type of output: Pulse only.

GTS-VB series multiple axes general-purpose motion controller is one that is based on PCI bus. It is used to control stepping motor and servo system. It implements motion planning via DSP and FPGA; outputs pulse or analog commands. It supports point-to-point, continuous path, multi-axis synchronization, linear/arc/helix/3D linear interpolation motion modes. Users can freely set parameters of acceleration, deceleration, S-shaped curve smoothness to assist them designing the optimal motion planning for mechanical structures. Users can program the controller and construct automatic control systems via the library files of VC, VB, C#, Labview development environment.

Number of axis: 8

Type of output: Pulse output only

Order Includes:

  • Motion control card (GTS-800-PG-VB-PCI) x1
  • Terminal board (GT2-800-ACC2-VB-G / GT2-800-ACC2-VB-G-A) x1
  • SCSI cable (0.5/1/1.5/3/5m) (ACC3-T1-068005/10/15/30/50) x2
  • CD (includes manuals, program and library) x1
Features Description
Motion Control
Motion control name GTS-800-PG-VB-PCI
No. of controlled axis 8 axes
Control method Pulse
Filtering algorithm PID + speed look ahead + acceleration look ahead
Control cycle 250us (pulse) / 125us (analog)
Pulse output 1MHz
Analog output 8-channel axis control interface (-10V~+10V)
4-channel non-axis interface (0~10V)
Encoder ABZ 3-phase differential signal; sampling frequency 8MHz
Hardware resource
Motion control interface +/- limit, origin signal, driver alarm, driver reset, in position signal (optocouple isolation), MPG interface, laser control
Hardware capture Home, Index, probe, position comparison capture accuracy, ±10V
Auxiliary encoder 2 channels
General-purpose IO 16-channel input, 16-channel output (optocouple isolation)
Analog input -10V~+10V, 12/16 bit
Fieldbus gLink extension remote I/O
Power supply 24V DC ± 10%, Icc = 3A Min
Operating temperature 0-55°C
Controller dimension 168mm x 126mm