GXY2020GT4 Stepper XY Table 200 x 200 mm
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GXY2020GT4 Stepper XY Table 200 x 200 mm

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Stepper XY Table 200 x 200 mm

The XY table and linear modules are the basic parts of various CNC and electronic manufacturing equipments. They are also general purpose platform for scientific research, application development and educational experiments. The Googol GXY Series XY tables and Linear Modules, which are tailored made for manufacturers and technical institutes, is based on modularized design and industrial manufacturing standard, and is widely used in various areas of CNC and precision position control equipment research and development such as welding, dispenser, bonding, drilling, packing etc. They are also widely used in universities and colleges for advanced research and teaching in the area of mechantronics, computer control system, mechanical engineering and CNC technology, etc.

Order Includes:

  • Stepper XY table mechanical main body (AX-MB-20-S)
  • GT-400-SG motion controller (GT-400-SG-PCI-EDU)
  • 2 axes stepper electric control module (AXY-EB-20-S)
  • Automatic pen holder (AXY-PH-001)
  • Googol motion control software platform (include source code) (S-UP-VC-MC)
Part Number GXY2020GT4
Distance Route x=200mm, Y=200mm
Base Size (L x W x H) 450mmx450mmx184mm
Table Size (L x W x H) 240mmx254mmx15mm
Load N 600
Resetting Accy 0.03
Setting Accy 0.05