GXYZ202010GT Stepper XYZ table
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GXYZ202010GT Stepper XYZ table

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3-axis stepping platform

XYZ stage, together with single axis linear module and XY table belongs to Googol's NC series products. They are the basic components of CNC processing, electronic machining equipment, as well as the general platform for different scientific research, application developing and educational experiment. The XYZ stage series is designed with modularisation and industrial manufacturing standard, suitable for manufacturing fields and colleges. The accompanying software is developed based on object-oriented technology. 3 axes motion control system main functions and G code compiling DLL are all included, which will realize different single-axis motor motion modes (S curve, T curve, speed mode, electronic gear mode) control, 2/3-axis interpolation or synchronizing controls. In addition, it provides abundant graphical interface, which displays curves of the motor parameters (speed, acceleration, position) in real time. Moreover, it displays real-time platform simulation and actual motion trajectory. Users can choose different experiment modules according to different experiments need, and this greatly facilitates their educational experiments and research work.

Order Includes:

  • Mechanical main body (AXYZ-MB-221-S)
  • GT-400-SG motion controller (GT-400-SG-PCI-EDU)
  • 3-axis stepping electric control module (AXYZ-EB-221-S)
  • Googol motion control platform software(source code included)(S-UP-VC-MC)
Part Number GXYZ202010GT
Dimension 630 x 470 x 815mm (L x W x H)
Weight ~ 100KG
Setting accuracy 0.05
Resetting accuracy +/-0.03
Stepper motor Step angle:1.8 degree
Holding torque:1.35NM
Rated current:2.5A
Motor weight:1Kg
Stepper driver Maximum 200 subdivided
Maximum response frequency 200Kpps
pto-isolated input / output
Driving current 0.5-4A adjustable
Input power: DC12-40V
AC servo motor Power:200W
Type:AC servo
Input voltage:92V
Input current:1.6A
Rated torque:0.64NM
Maximum angular speed:3000 rpm
Servo driver Power:200W
Type:AC servo
Input voltage:AC 200-230V
Input voltage:92V
Input current:1.1A
Input voltage frequency:50/60HZ
Output voltage:92Vo
Output current:1.6A
Output frequency:0-333.3HZ
Motion controller GT-400-SG or GT-400-SV motion controller
Track Effective distance:200 or 300mm
Ball screw Distance:5mm

Reference Experiments

Experiments that can be conducted Part of the research work that can be carried out
  • motion control system basic experiment
  • motion control system PID control experiment
  • motor and drive device comprehension and tuning experiment
  • single-axis motion planning experiment
  • 2D, 3D interpolation principle and application experiment
  • XYZ table motion control experiment
  • NC code programming experiment
  • 2D, 3D motion control application system development
  • 2D, 3D trajectory interpolation algorithm research
  • Development and research of CNC system NC code interpreter