AC Spindle Drive SD2G-0022-0000
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AC Spindle Drive SD2G-0022-0000

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2.2 KW (3.0 HP), 3 phase 220V ±10%

This type of spindle drives has been installed on thousands CNC machines. It is one of the most reliable spindle drives suitable for your machine tools or any of your factory automation equipments. The drive accepts +/-10V analog command, or digital command (see spec). All our drives come with one-year limited warranty, and additional warranty up to five years is optional.

Part Number SD2G-0022-0000
Rated power [kW] (HP) 2.2 (3.0)
Input power 3 phase AC 220V ±10% 50/60Hz
Dimension [mm] 112x230x182 (width x height x depth)
Regulating Range [RPM] 1 ~ 10000
Speed fluctuation Less than 0.01% of rated speed
Working mode Jog, velocity, position, velocity/position
Internal Velocity Mode Motor rotates at the speed set by internal parameter (closed-loop velocity control) Running speed is selected by input signal.
External Velocity Mode Motor rotates at the speed specified by external analog voltage (closed-loop velocity control) -10V~+10V or 0V~10V, set by parameters
Position Mode Motor rotates by position pulse command (closed-loop position control); the direction and quantity of pulse command determine the rotation direction and angle; the pulse frequency determines the rotation speed.
Position Command Pulse/direction, CCW/CW pulse, A/B two-phase orthogonally pulse; Maximum pulse frequency: 1 MHz
Positioning Accuracy ±0.088° (matched with incremental encoder with 1024 lines)
Feedback Signal Incremental encoder
Input Signals Servo enable; CCW start; CW start; orientation/velocity selection; orientation start; 2nd speed gain selection; spindle clamping interlock signal; zero-speed clamping; alarm clear; velocity/position switching
Output Signals Servo ready; zero speed; position/speed arrival; orientation completed; alarm output speed/position status; encoder zero point
Protection Functions Under-voltage; overvoltage; servo unit over-current; servo motor thermal overload; over-speed; overshoot; brake abnormality; encoder abnormality; motor overheat.
Operation & Display 5 keys for manual operation or parameter setting; 6-digit LED displays for status display or parameter setting.
Braking Resistor External connected, comes with the drive (there is no internal braking resistor)


Installation dimension [mm]: