Softpro-PLC V2.3
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Softpro-PLC V2.3

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software platform for iDEABOX series

Softpro is a software platform for iDEABOX series, with the advantages of variety of programming languages, modular programming structures and integration programming ways. It integrates advanced Basic programming functions, and covers multitasking processor, function & operation mode, data type, local data and other properties, with support of import and export function among different programs, to realize the reusable control system. Based on these functions, Softpro makes programming simple, easy to understand, and convenient to maintain. Softpro is an advanced high-performance automation programming software with wider applications beyond the logic control needs. It can be also applied to motion control, HMI interaction, communication handshake, file statements and complex mathematical function. Based on the high-accuracy and flexible request in industrial applications, Softpro concentrates on making more creative and advanced control function and tools to provide solutions on user’s requests.